Candle holder by Oasis

Beautiful and practical, this candle holder has a delicate ring encircling the base of the candle-holding section. This ring serves a dual purpose: it adds a decorative flourish to the design while also acting as a practical catch for dripping wax. As the candle burns, any wax that drips down is caught by the ring, preventing it from spilling onto surfaces below and preserving the holder's clean appearance.

About the artist:
Recife-based architect Igor Borba delves into clay study, celebrating imperfections through his designs. Oasis objects filled with textured contradiction and curious geometry. Igor crafts pieces brimming with significance, with his vases, vessels and artefacts having both utilitarian use, yet a unique sculptural philosophical language. Symmetry is off-set with organic morphing of lips, ridges, edges and corners. Oasis designs are earthy, yet architectural, organic yet technical and honour Pernambuco's unique artisanal heritage.

Size: 16H x 16W 
Colour: Brown terra cotta 

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