Chicken stool by Graciano

Introducing our beautifully crafted wooden stool, expertly sculpted to perfection. Made from high-quality wood, this stool is not only sturdy but also adds a touch of playfulness to any space. Whether you use it as a functional seating option, a side table or as a decorative piece, this sculpted wooden stool is sure to impress.

About the artist:
Francisco Graciano's makes visible his love and relationship with the forest. He does this carving wood, guided by a native forest spirit that speaks to him with an inner voice. He works meditatively, and flourishes when alone, allowing images to emerge organically in his mind. His carving practice rooted in his intimate childhood connection to forests and their inhabitants. Following in his father Manoel Graciano's footsteps, Francisco meticulously paints each piece, blending colours to craft new hues. His journey from farm labourer to celebrated artisan was shaped by almost mythical resilience, imagination, and a deep passion for art.

Size: 75H x 50W 
Color: Navy blue, white and red 

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