Photo "Devoção em Foco" by Renata

"Devoção em Foco" encapsulates a moment of profound spiritual significance during the washing of the Bonfim staircase in Salvador, Bahia. This ritual holds deep cultural and religious importance, symbolizing purification, renewal, and unwavering devotion to Senhor do Bonfim, a central figure in the syncretic Afro-Brazilian religion, Candomblé. In this photograph, the "Baiana," woman dressed in traditional white attire with vibrant turbans and necklaces, embody the essence of the ritual. Baianas, often seen as cultural custodians, represent the fusion of African and Brazilian traditions, preserving the rich heritage of Bahia. Their participation in the Bonfim staircase washing signifies a connection to ancestral practices and a commitment to passing down cultural knowledge through generations. The photographer's experience in South Africa, particularly with the Gogos in Soweto, adds a cross-cultural dimension to this narrative. "Gogos," meaning grandmothers or older women in South Africa, share similarities with the Baianas as pillars of wisdom and community leadership. Both groups stand as guardians of cultural heritage, bridging the gap between past and present. "Devoção em Foco" thus becomes a visual dialogue between diverse cultural expressions. It underscores the universal themes of devotion, cultural preservation, and the strength of women as keepers of traditions. The photograph serves as a testament to the interconnectedness of global cultural experiences, linking the spiritual rituals of Bahia with the wisdom and resilience embodied by the Gogos in Soweto.

Size: 54H x 39W 
Colors: Black and white

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