Photo "Dia de samba no Bonfim" by Renata

"Dia de Samba no Bonfim" captures the vibrant essence of the Bonfim Staircase wash in Bahia, inspired by Caetano Veloso's song of the same name that begins with the evocative line: "Bahia's Axé has been calling me." and represents the exactly way I felt there: I was guided to captured this moment). The ritual, in this context, refers to a sacred and ceremonial practice, and the wash of the Bonfim Staircase is a spiritual cleansing ritual seeking blessings from Senhor do Bonfim. The term "Baiana" refers to women dressed in traditional Bahian attire, serving as cultural symbols and custodians of heritage. Baianas represent the rich fusion of African and Brazilian traditions, adding a colorful and rhythmic presence to cultural celebrations. Axé, as mentioned in the song, is a central concept in Afro-Brazilian religions, signifying the life force, positive energy, and spiritual power. It often plays a significant role in rituals, infusing them with vitality and meaning. Rosele's embroidery enhances visual elements in the photograph, drawing attention to details that caught the photographer's eye. Especially the interactions between the two "baianas" in the scene and the "Axé" they have shared with me as a photographer while documenting the moment. Of course the previous experiences in South Africa, particularly with the Gogos in Soweto (grandmothers or elderly women), brings a unique perspective to this work. Through my lens, I tried to capture not only the rituals, but also the resilience, joy and cultural richness inherent to Bahian traditions that reminded me of South African culture translated into this photograph of two women. Both in Bahia and South Africa- Baianas and Gogos often play crucial roles within families and communities, serving as matriarchs, caregivers, and sources of wisdom.

Size: 86H x 48W 
Colors: Black and white

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