Photo "Flores que navagam" by Renata

"Flores que Navegam" captures the poignant moment during the February 2nd celebration, as believers deliver a gift to Yemanjá, the goddess of the sea. The Ritual, in this context, signifies a prescribed set of symbolic actions, imbued with cultural and spiritual significance. The act of delivering flowers to Yemanjá is a ritual deeply rooted in Bahian traditions, serving as a form of devotion and a gesture of seeking blessings, protection, and connection with the divine energies associated with the sea. Rosele's embroidery enhances the photograph, drawing attention to the present moment. The juxtaposition of the sacred and the profane during this day is palpable, emphasizing the coexistence of the divine ritual and the earthly, everyday elements. As a photographer, I have captured this moment in order to draw from my experiences in South Africa, where the intertwining of the sacred and the profane is also evident in various cultural practices. Through my lens, I seek to document the universal human pursuit of meaning, spirituality, and connection with the divine, transcending geographical boundaries.

Size: 39H x 29W 
Colors: Black and white

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