Photo "Meu tio Duda" by Renata

"Meu Tio Duda" captures the essence of friendship and cultural connection in Bahia. Eduardo Sepulveda, the vocalist of the reggae samba band Diamba. Duda, affectionately known as "Uncle Duda," transcended the role of a family member, becoming a dear friend and a pivotal figure in Bahian cultural circles. Through his connections with other artists and local activities, he served as a bridge, facilitating intimate access to authentic stories and people, allowing me as a photographer to feel deeply embedded in the cultural scene. Rosele's embroidery enhances the visual elements that initially captured my attention because of his hair texture, adding layers of richness to the image. Drawing from my previous experiences in South Africa, I found parallels in the relationships formed with friends who shared similar hairstyles and played comparable roles in my life while living in Johannesburg. "Meu Tio Duda" is a visual narrative echoing the universal themes of camaraderie, cultural exploration, and the significance of personal connections that transcend geographical boundaries. It reflects my ability to find familiarity and kinship in diverse cultural contexts.

Size: 39H x 29W
Colors: Black and white

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