Photo "Ondas de Axé" by Renata

"Ondas de Axé" captures a mesmerizing moment during the arrival at Gamboa do Morro in the Cairu Archipelago, Bahia where the energies of the ocean and the cultural significance of Axé converge in a captivating visual narrative. The term "Odoyá" resonates deeply in Bahian culture, representing a sacred invocation to Yemanjá, the Afro-Brazilian deity associated with the sea. Yemanjá is venerated as the mother of waters, and the ritual of invoking Odoyá is an expression of respect and supplication for her blessings. The connection with the ocean becomes a spiritual journey, embodying both the tangible and intangible aspects of life. In Bahian spirituality, "Axé" is a fundamental concept, signifying the life force, positive energy, and spiritual power that permeates all existence. Axé is believed to be channeled and amplified during rituals and celebrations, connecting individuals with the divine. The photographer's experience in South Africa may offer a unique lens through which to view this Bahian spectacle. In South Africa, the ocean holds cultural and spiritual significance, connecting communities to their ancestral roots. The shared reverence for water, as seen in the rituals invoking Yemanjá, creates a bridge between the experiences of the photographer in Bahia and those in South Africa (especially the arrival for the first time in Durban, during a baptism ceremony and sunrise).

Size: 54H x 39W 
Colors: Black and white 

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