Photo "Onde o Rio é mais Baiano" by Renata

"Onde o Rio é mais Baiano" captures the vibrant spectacle of the Rio de Janeiro Samba School Champions Parade, specifically highlighting the samba plot presented by Estação Primeira da Mangueira in 2023. The title translates to "Where Rio is most Bahian," reflecting the cultural fusion embedded in the samba narrative. Despite Mangueira winning fifth place in the championship, the photograph encapsulates the exuberance and energy of the parade inside the Bahian wing. Samba school parades are a cornerstone of Brazilian culture, representing a dynamic blend of music, dance, and storytelling. These parades, held during Carnival, serve as a grand showcase of each school's unique samba plot, costumes, and performances. The Bahian wing adds a distinct flavor to samba school parades. They are composed of participants dressed in costumes inspired by the traditional attire of Bahia, often featuring wide skirts, turbans, and other distinctive accessories. Their presence honors the cultural roots of Bahia, contributing to the richness and diversity of the overall presentation. Mangueira, a renowned samba school, holds a special place due to its historical significance, artistic innovation, and commitment to social and cultural expression. While taking this photograph I was influenced by my experiences in South Africa and Bahia, capturing this moment with low shutter speed (a technique that is super present in my artistic language). It represents the feeling of "movement" and also recognizes the parallels in the celebration of culture and heritage- connecting the vivacity of the Rio Carnival with the cultural vibrancy I have encountered in diverse corners of the world.

Size: 39H x 29W 
Color: Multicolor

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