Photo "Teu Mar no Meu Peito" by Renata

"Teu Mar do Meu Peito" captures the essence of the 2nd Feb festivities in Salvador, Bahia, as an offering to Iemanjá. Iemanjá is a revered deity in Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Caribbean religions, particularly in the Candomblé and Umbanda traditions. Often associated with the sea, Iemanjá is considered the goddess of the ocean, motherhood, and protector of fishermen. In religious celebrations like the 2nd Feb festivities in Salvador, Bahia, devotees offer gifts, flowers, and other offerings to Iemanjá as a sign of devotion and to seek her blessings, fostering a deep connection with the maritime heritage and cultural roots. The photograph reflects the deep cultural connection and spiritual significance of the celebration. The photographer's work history is intertwined with South Africa, where they drew inspiration from the diverse landscapes and vibrant traditions, infusing a unique perspective into this image. The sea in their chest symbolizes a fusion of personal experiences, creating a powerful visual narrative that transcends borders and resonates with the universal language of cultural celebration.

Size: 54H x 39W 
Colors: Black and white

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