Photo "Toque de Fé" by Renata

"Toque de Fé" encapsulates the spirit of "Protection Friday" at the Basilica Santuário Senhor Bom Jesus do Bonfim in Salvador, where hundreds of faithful gather for a powerful tradition. The photograph captures a believer during Mass at the Igreja do Senhor do Bonfim, touching the ribbon on its railing, a ritual symbolizing a "Touch of Faith." The "Fitinha do Bonfim" is a symbolic ribbon associated with the Bonfim tradition. Pilgrims tie these ribbons around their wrists or onto the Church bars, seeking protection, blessings, and a connection with the divine. Each color represents different wishes– white for peace, blue for health, green for hope, and more. We choose the multi-colored one for this piece in order to present a bigger range of wishes. The act of tying the ribbon signifies a personal prayer, a tangible expression of faith, and a desire for divine intervention. This tradition shares resonance with spiritual practices in South Africa, where tangible rituals are central to expressing faith. While the specific practices may differ, the universal themes of seeking protection, divine connection, and the tangible expression of faith connect the experiences of the faithful in Salvador with those in South Africa. "Toque de Fé" becomes a visual bridge, linking diverse cultures through shared expressions of spirituality and devotion.

Size: 122H x 82W 
Colors: Black and white - multicolor

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