Photo "Travessia" by Renata

"Back in 2021, I captured this photograph precisely as I was heading for an immersive experience in Costa da Lagoa at my hometown - Florianopolis. An island in southern Brazil. During that weekend of deep connection with incredible people, we engaged in various activities led by a friend Rafaela Rolim on having more meaningful conversations. One point that resonated with me was about the moments of transition we all go through - be it the pandemic, relocating to a new city, changing careers, or undergoing processes of self-discovery. As we sailed in that traditional boat amidst the cloudy weather, those colors caught my eye in a peculiar way. It was a truly special moment, one that symbolized a significant crossing in my personal and professional life. And thus, the title of the artwork was born. I often strive for minimalist portraits, believing that a photograph holds the power to capture a scene without revealing the entire context. Including this photo in this year's print collection as part of the series "Transbordo" was essential to me. It signifies overflowing with what is most meaningful and authentic in my relationship with my hometown, Floripa."

Size: 39H x 29W 
Colors: Yellow and grey 

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