Wall piece Duck by Ana Lume


While its design pays homage to the classic silhouette of a vase, this ceramic piece defies convention with its multifunctional nature. It is designed to be hung on the wall, transforming any space into a gallery of artistry but Its smooth surface also makes is perfect for serving cheeses, fruits, or other delectable treats. This unexpected twist adds a dash of whimsy to its elegant facade, making it a delightful addition to any table setting or culinary presentation.

Whether adorning a wall as a statement piece or gracing a tabletop as a serving platter, this ceramic creation effortlessly marries beauty and utility, inviting admiration and inspiring conversation with its understated charm and versatility.

Size: 27H x 21W 
Colours: Off white and blue 

1,600.00 1600.0 ZAR 1,600.00


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